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Football Season for a Disgruntled Bills Fan

We get it Tom Brady, you are perfect in every way (except for that loss to the Giants). However, what you did on Monday night was sickening.

How dare you take the pleasure of beating the Patriots away from those lowly Buffalo Bills? If it wasn’t for Leodis McKelvin making such an egregious error, you would not have had the chance to throw that game-winning touchdown pass. (If I sound like a disheartened, beaten Bills fan, it’s because I am.)

Mr. Brady, please go enjoy your millions of dollars and amazingly stunningly super-sexy wife and let someone else take the reins (Trent Edwards, anyone?). It’s just not fair that you have EVERYTHING (except an undefeated season.)

On the bright side, the NFL season is in full swing. We’ve had an upset (defending NFC champs Arizona Cardinals falter), a ridiculous rookie holdout (Michael Crabtree, I hope you never get signed), and another stellar performance from Drew Brees (6 TDs!) … and we still have 17 more weeks to go.

So football fans, whether your team sucks like mine, or you root for the Brady’s of the world, the time is here. Crack open a beer, text your friends to tell them their team sucks and throw a pizza the oven: This is the best time of the year.

Get ready for the wackiness that is the NFL.



dude trent edwards will never be as good as brady and i dont see anyone else with a perfect season like the patriots. they did as well as the bills did last year without brady hhaha…


i dont even like//care about//watch football but that game was SICK.


Plain and simple Tom Brady is the man and is unstoppable. Trent Edwards is a talented young kid and has a promising future, but he will never be a Brady or a Manning. He will have a successful career for sure, and if he plays his cards right in free agency he can potentially even be a difference maker for a contending team

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