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Big D Never Fails to Please at Pearl St. Nightclub

Northampton, MA – Big D and the Kids Table, a punk-ska band from Boston, Mass., played an excellent set last weekend for their “Fluent in Stroll Tour” at Pearl Street Nightclub in Northampton.

Big D is known for playing the Pearl Street club often and they gave the crowd what they wanted. The band began their set with a lot of their new songs to promote their latest release, Fluent in Stroll, and also played some of their classics.

I have seen them play many times, and this was another amazing show. It was one of the best performances of them that I’ve seen.

Big D added the “Doped Up Dollies” for this tour, a band consisting of Sirae Richardson, Hayley Jane, and Nicole and Simone Olivia doing backup vocals for David McWane. The “Dope Up Dollies” are also featured in Big D’s latest album.

Front man McWane, known for his vocals and melodica parts in the band, plugged in the guitar for this show. After seeing Big D play for many years it was strange to see McWane with a new instrument, but it still sounded great!

In between songs McWane announced that throughout all these years Pearl Street has always been one of the venues that they have played the most. The crowd was absolutely going wild, and he then jumped into Hell on Earth and L.A. X, knowing it was just going to get even more wild and crazy!

Pearl Street has always been a club with a small stage without the security posted up in front and always allowing for great fan participation. But it works both ways, for McWane never fails to jump into the crowd and participate with the fans as well.

Big D will finish up this tour at the end of December and then take a short holiday break. They will be teaming up with Reel Big Fish next year to play some shows overseas and tear up the ska scene in Europe.

The following is the set list for their 11/20 show:

Doped Up
Steady Riot
Noise Complaint
A Kiss A Week
Not Fucking
Shining On
Breaking the Bottle
Fluent in Stroll
Strictly Rude
Hell on Earth
L.A. X
5 Kids Down
Describing the Sky
Been Wishing On
Wailing Paddle
New England
Known to Be Blue
I, I, I
Souped-Up Vinyl
Little Ryan
My Girlfriends on Drugs
We Can Live Anywhere


sketchy offender

nice artice. we need RBF and Big D to tour here.


I have a Big D set list that’s autographed by all of them, and the 2 dollies that were there.. Such a fun night, and Sonic Boom Six was amaaaazing!!! <3

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