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Battle Winner – The Bear

Alright, so it has been over a week since our battle began. Thanks to all of you fa


ns who took part in our poll. The winner is the bear by a score of 22-12.

Who do you want to see battle? Let us know by emailing us at You can suggest a contender who you’d like to see matched up in the battles. Stay tuned because soon we will include a bracket-like tournament to see an ultimate winner, based on your votes. It’ll be kind of like the March Madness, but Buntology-style.

Feel free to submit your suggestions and vote. The more we have the bigger the battle tournament can be.

Thanks friends,



DUDE!!! I must have missed the bear vs. lion battle, and I never voted. But no doubt the lion wins. I had a dream the other night that my apartment was surrounded by lions and it ended with one of them finally breaking into my place and eating me. It was horrifying.


Holla! i voted lion too! i had a dream a long time ago with a lion too and it ripped my back open and ate me…



Ok… Think I have the real true answer… Since both lion and bear have fangs and claws the main thing in the fight that will make the difference is who can last longer. Here is why the bear will win. The bear has more bulk (I am picturing a grizzly not a cute little brown bear)so anyway the bear will not bleed out as quickly as the lion because of the bigger mass. Of course, they could each rip or bite into a major artery causing both to die and there is no winner.


Mufasa would kick winnie’s ass!


Lauren. You are 100% right. Mufasa was something of a badass. And Mom. I can see you really thought this out. And there WOULD be no winner, cause both babies would get hurt! Babies babies babies I love all animals (except monkeys).

Walter aka Gate

The link above provides proof that a hippo reigns supreme in the animal kingdom.


“I love all animals”… except the best kind?


My suggestion* for the next battle is to have a shark fight some other water-dwelling creature. Like a killer whale or maybe an electric eel. Is that a real thing, an electric eel?

*And by suggestion, I mean order.


how about…nevermind… too nasty. Listened to horrible news items today and had a thought but can’t even put it in words.

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