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Battle at the Buntology Headquarters [by Ivan] and the Ivan Omar Project proudly present:

The Buntology Battle


I hear lots of people arguing, “Oh a bear is the strongest animal, oh no a lion is, no an elephant will win, no a tiger would.” Well cast your votes. You fans will now determine the winner.

We’ve got a bear and we’ve got a lion. WHO WILL WIN? Cast your vote! We will announce the winner on the 27th (one week from now).

Email or vote below.

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that bear should get some grub into his stizzel, he’s looking a little emaciated. Just saying.


why cant’ all the animals just be friends?

Rajasthan King

Will makes a good point: This contest is all about species. I think a black bear, like the ones we have in this neck of the woods, would get its ass handed to it by a healthy lion. By this I mean the prime male OR female of a pride.

However, the big bad grizzly bear would make any lion run back to the savanna. A swat from one of those massive paws can break a neck clean. That’s not to mention teeth and claws. The animal’s a friggin’ powerhouse. I know the lion has the whole feline agility and going-for-the-throat tactic going for it, but what good is that when your opponent can throw you through the uprights from the other side of the football field?

Also, the griz is better defended by a very thick layer of fur vs. the thin fur coat of a hot climate-dwelling lion. The bear can also stand on its hind legs making it an even more challenging adversary for the lion.

If you want to talk pure mean fighter, don’t even get me started on polar bears. They eat baby seals for a good time. ‘Nuff said.

Wow, this question really brings out the life science geek in me. I had no idea I had that much to say on this question.



i’m the strongest animal

i could take down a horse… i played soccer all my life


Umm well I think the bear is gonna win but, I voted for the lion cause I like lions better and have a secret crush on simba.. i mean what?


Ummm… Is the Lion messin’ with some cubs? Just saying that if you mess with the cubs the momma bear will KILL the lion, the elephant, the giraffe, Godzilla, King Kong. Don’t mess with a momma’s babies!


Hippo. Nuff said.


A feral cat will always win. ALWAYS

– Esteban


Bear, hands down….. fun fact I was one for Halloween senior year…. thumbs up!


Fun fact #2, Tone was also a tiger for halloween senior year (of college). thumbs up — theyyyyyyy’rrrrrrrreeee great!!!

Funky J

I mean… this is all for the sake of science… right?
I would like to cast a vote for a third party of GIANT GROUND SLOTH!
…look it up on wikipedia, it’s siiiickkk. bottom line GGS would win.

Ivan O. Cordero

for BD: no they cant be freinds. the bear was mean and didnt accept the lion’s friend request on facebook.

for Rajasthan King: good comment u really covered all the diff bear species. in which looks like ud say the lion would go 0-3 vs all 3

for L-Dav: Simba is going out with Nala, u have no chance

for Mrs. Bunt: the lion wasnt the one messing with bears cubs, the bear was messing with the lion’s cubs

for wallygater: C’mon!

for Esteban: u should be on the lion’s team!


what about for me ivan? 🙁 you just don’t want to admit i would win


xtina, i challenge u to a soccer match


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