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Baseball has wild ways the past few days [by ivan]


The Major League Baseball season has been going on for almost two full months now, and so far there have been a few different things going on that we don’t usually see every day, or even every year. Let’s take a look at this year’s strange MLB events from April through May, buttt mostly from the past few days:

1. Hopefully you already read about Lackey’s short pitching outing. For those of you who missed it read it here.

2. As most of you know, the American League uses Designated Hitters to bat and the National League uses pitchers to bat. On Sunday May 17, the Rays hosted the Indians which featured a funny pregame mistake causing the Rays to lose their Designated Hitter spot. Evan Longoria was scheduled to take the day off from the field and solely just be DH. The error caused the Rays to lose their DH spot and Andy Sonnanstine had to bat. Not only did he bat, but he was the third man in the lineup, a spot usually reserved for the power hitter. In the end, Sonnanstine finished off pitching 5.2 innings allowing 7 hits, 5 earned runs, and striking out three. And at the plate, Sonnanstine went 1 for 3, with an RBI. Not bad for a pitcher.

3. Mike Pelfrey of the New York Mets reminded us again of the Balk in baseball. Pelfrey balked three times in the game last Sunday resulting to a 2-0 loss against the San Francisco Giants. For those of you who do not know what a balk is, it is an illegal pitching motion.

4. Not to keep putting down the Mets, but another night full of failures occurred for the injury plagued team, resulting in another loss. Last Monday the Mets committed five errors in an extra inning loss to the LA Dodgers. Ramon Martinez committed two, and Sean Green, Carlos Beltran and Jeremy Reed each committed one. After Beltran’s error in the outfield, Reed made a bad throw to home which blew the game for sure. The Dodgers came in and scored safely to win 3-2 in 11 innings.

5. Kaz Matsui joins Jacoby Ellsbury and Jayson Werth for people who have stolen home this year. He did it Tuesday against the Milwaukee Brewers in Houston. Once Milwaukee got Michael Bourn in a pickle, Matsui took full advantage of the Brewer’s lack of attention to him and sprinted home for a run. The Astros took an early 1-0 lead, but in the end the Brewers finished off with a 4-2 victory. Trevor Hoffman got his 10th save, and the Brewers won their seventh straight game.

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