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Balloon Incident in Colorado


Update #2/Jackie’s opinion: Ok, so does anyone else find it weird that this family has already been on TV before, and the father is this “self proclaimed” scientist, who builds this balloon thing.

What 6 year old stays hiding for over 3 hours?

OH, and last night on the news the reporter asked him, “why  did you stay hiding for so long?” The young boy’s response was something along the lines of, ” to get on a show”.


It’s a hoax baby!

Update: So, they found him alive hiding under a box in his attic. How anti-climactic.
Earlier today in Colorado, a 6-year-old boy was thought to have taken off in his parent’s experimental hot air balloon.

After almost two hours of floating (at times floating several hundred feet in the air) The balloon crashed down in a field, where authorities rushed to help the young boy, but there was no boy inside!

Authorities are searching through the boy’s neighborhood, home, and surrounding area. As of now, there is still no sign of him. They are unsure if the boy fell from the balloon, or was never in the balloon to begin with.

Apparently, this was a experiment the young boy and father were working on together.

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thats wild .. and scary.

want me to do a piece on emily rose?
man i donno actually the devil will prob try to come get me at 3 am…
my roomates are leaving this weekend
its gonna get me!!!!!! ahhhh!!

Pat Tarpley

actually, yes, the gov’t shoved it down their throats. they basically told ALL the banks they had to take it, so that the one’s who really needed it didn’t look incredibly bad to shareholders

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