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Football Season for a Disgruntled Bills Fan

We get it Tom Brady, you are perfect in every way (except for that loss to the Giants). However, what you did on Monday night was sickening.

How dare you take the pleasure of beating the Patriots away from those lowly Buffalo Bills? If it wasn’t for Leodis McKelvin making such an egregious error, you would not have had the chance to throw that game-winning touchdown pass. (If I sound like a disheartened, beaten Bills fan, it’s because I am.)

Mr. Brady, please go enjoy your millions of dollars and amazingly stunningly super-sexy wife and let someone else take the reins (Trent Edwards, anyone?). It’s just not fair that you have EVERYTHING (except an undefeated season.)

I Need Some Indication Lord That All of This is Real Now

Neil + Bobby = <3


“So we filter down to the area to see the man. Was I going to cry? Or just not know what to say? Regardless, the time was here.

I went into the area and stood directly in front of Bobby. This figure that seems so gigantic on stage had such a calm and soothing demeanor.

‘Hey man, how’s it going,’ he asked.

Oh god, oh god, what do I say?

‘Thanks for everything, Bobby. This is so surreal right now.’

I put out my hand for a shake. Then he said, ‘How about a hug?’

Christ, I do NOT want a boner in front of this man. But I hugged him. Then we posed for pictures, and he asked me what I was going to have him sign… … …Read more >>

Sheer ‘Joy’ Over Phish’s Triumphant Return


What a smelly summer. Everywhere I went seemed to have a Phishy scent.

Starting at Camp Kee Wanee in Greenfield, Mass. and ending at Saratoga Performing Arts Center in New York, this has been a glorious span.

Strange Creek was a weekend of friends, music and the start of summer. The boys from Phish pissed in my ears (literally) at Bonnaroo.

My homies from the Dead put on a face-melting exposition at Rothbury. Even RatDog had me rocking out at an otherwise dreary Vibes.

But to be honest, nothing compared the last week of Phish shows. I was lucky enough to catch a bunch of them with some of my closest buds. For crying out loud, I finally got my first live “Fluffhead” at Darien Lake, N.Y.

Not Ivy League Material But Still Want to Act and Dress Like a Douchebag?


Harvard has you in mind.

Harvard, the name that once conjured images of pipe-smoking professors, trust-fund preppies, world-renowned chess players, and Asian overachievers, has sold out.

The aptly named “Harvard Yard” clothing line isn’t like your campus bookstore’s Westfield State hoody. And not just because the Harvard Yard line isn’t made in a sweatshop.

The clothing line, intentionally designed to recreate the look of preppy Harvard students in the 50s and 60s, has been a plan in the pipeline for several years.

Ivan Spills About His Weekend Date With Paul

I know I’ll never get the chance to see The Beatles live, but when Paul came to town I felt like I came pretty close to it after watching him perform at Fenway Park in Boston, Mass. on Thursday night.

The place was absolutely packed with fans. He kicked off the evening just before 8 p.m. and played for two and a half hours. McCartney mostly played Beatles songs, and performed mostly on bass, but he did mix it up on the guitar and piano throughout the evening.

He started off the show playing “Drive My Car,” and then “Jet.”

The Emergency Broadcast System Can Suck It

By WILL CIMINO     The traditional fears of a young kid never really applied to me. Monsters never really scared me, I was fine with the dark, and thunder, or burglars. But I really don’t think I can earn any bragging rights from any of that when I reflect on what really scared me… and slightly still does. The Emergency Broadcast System.

Coverage of the 2008 Republican National Convention

By WILL CIMINO (ft. commentary by ALICIA BUNT)     Well, a few things were determined by John McCain’s speech. The first, and arguably most important, is that watching him walk at his age is like walking an infant learning to walk around a staircase. I’m just clinching my teeth waiting for him to spill. The second is that McCain the ‘Maverick’ is really McCain the Predictable Pete. 

Aftermath: Gustav? Eh, Probably Not So Bad!

By WILL CIMINO      Now that Hurricane Gustav has just about completed its rape of Louisiana and some of her neighboring states, I can’t help but stop and think that I really wouldn’t mind being in the shoes of those Southerners. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the drawbacks. Last I heard, seven people had been killed during the storm, but compare seven to the thousands of injuries and deaths related to household plants every year.