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Not Jon and Kate Plus 8


Over the past year Buntology has posted stories about politics, concerts, sporting events, movies, life and death. There has been humor and sadness, fact and fiction, movies, pictures and drawings.

Therefore, it came as quite a surprise when Jackie’s blurb about Jon and Kate’s impending break up received more hits than any other post on Buntology. And when I say surprise I mean shocking disappointment. More people are Googling about Jon and Kate than about the war and the economy [and Ivan’s animal drawings – Angela]! That is not a good sign.

Nevertheless Buntology readers, if celebrity gossip is what you really want then I am here to deliver, first hand, my brush with Hollywood…

Jasmine Memorial

If you happened to be walking by the Bunt house last night,10/27, at around 10 PM and peeked into the backyard you might have thought you were witnessing a rehearsal of something special for Halloween night. There we were: Me, Rod and our dog Jenny. I was lowering something into a hole and Rod picked up a shovel and began covering it with dirt.

A Tribute to Paul Newman

One of the joys of having kids is sharing the things you loved as a child with them and watching them enjoy the very same thing. You get to be a child and a parent all at the same time. It is probably one of parenting’s finest moments. Case in point- “The Wizard of Oz.” Unfortunately, as parents we tend to start that one too soon forgetting how scary the movie can be to a child. Ah, well we learn as we go. 

A Lesson in Human Error

Everyone makes mistakes — even surgeons have been known to cut off the wrong limb from time to time — but my experiences with the local medical facility go well beyond acceptable human error. As a matter of fact, I venture to say you will not believe me. If you were watching these events play out on a sitcom you would say ridiculous, this never happens. 

Teachers & Guns (in Texas)

I was ready to go off on this whole thing that is happening in Harrold, TX., with teachers being allowed to carry guns in the classroom. I mean, my brain was about to explode with all the scenarios playing out. As a former middle school teacher there have been times I would have liked to smack a kid upside the head but truly don’t think I ever wanted to actually shoot one of them (OK, maybe just one but that was when I was a sub). Now the students’ parents? Different story.