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Asher Roth is about to blow up [by Christina]


Hello readers. So, being the official “G” of (in close competition with Alicia) I feel it’s my responsibility to keep you guys up to date on the newest, hottest, G’d up sh*t.

Skinny, stoner, white boy, suburbanite Asher Roth…is about to blow up. Although he might not sound like a hip-hop prodigy from this particular description, Roth’s got the flow. What makes Asher’s rhymes stick is the fact that they’re about Harry Potter characters, not jewelry and cars; throwing frat parties instead of hitting up the club; breakfast at Ihop instead of being in the V.I.P, and chugging beer vs. sipping Patron.

The 23-year-old is originally from the suburb of Morrisville, Penn. He never had hip-hop influence early on in his life, the first CD he ever bought was Crash by Dave Matthews Band. However, around ’98 Asher started listening to hip hop after the Annie sample [Hard Knock Life] by Jay-Z sparked his interest. By high school he was constantly battling and freestyling with his friends and started recording tracks in a friend’s basement. Two hundred and fifty of his burned CDs were sold in two days, and Roth then started to really pursue a career in hip hop. After graduating college he moved to Atlanta in order to be in a major mecca of hip hop to try and launch his music. Roth is currently signed to Scooter Braun’s Schoolboy Music and Steve Rifkind’s SRC Records.

As with any new up and coming star, everyone wants to know who their influences are and where they got their style. Most of all they want to compare them with someone. Roth is constantly being compared to Eminem. Roth told, “I think it’s too easy. A white emcee with a sense of humor and a political side? Oh, let’s compare him to Em! I have nothing but respect for him though; he made it possible for me to be here, he opened the doors, but we come from an entirely different inspiration. We are completely different artists.”

Asher Roth is all over the internet– dominating YouTube, reppin’ his own site, and now Buntology (the most important of all). He kicks it with the likes of Cee-lo, Ludacris, Akon and Dj drama, and has been featured on shows such as The Carson Daily Show and Rap City on BET. Scooter Braun, Asher’s manager, says, “Do I think he’s the next big thing? …Yes.” Although he has yet to release a hit single or video, his debut album, “Asleep in the Bread Aisle” is expected to be released on April 21, 2009. How does Roth feel about his success thus far? “Its crazy, but it almost feels like it’s suppose to be happening, it feels right.”

[youtube=]I am personally very excited for what Roth is going to bring to the rap table. I’ve been listening to him on YouTube for the past couple days and I can’t get enough of his unique style and demeanor. And to top it all off I feel like me and my boy Ash would be tight because the last line of his most popular song “I love College” pretty much sums up how I feel in my life right now: “Do I really have to graduate or can I just stay here for the rest of my life?”



very nicely done xtina…i agree with everything u wrote and that freestyle video was sicky. your g’ed up baby no ifs ands or butts about it 🙂


This guy is greatttt. Although I can see the Em comparisons – not just in his flow, but his actual voice sounds like Slim Shady. Nothin wrong with that. I am definitely digging this Asher!! – Alicia


Tone like, so all should like!


not really feeling this guy..maybe i need to hear more

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