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Apparently American Eagle Dictates the Weather Now

I’m a little confused as to what “season” these looks are for. The leggings and jackets scream winter, but most of these chicks are wearing spring dresses and shorts. Oh, and what’s with that rando girl in the bikini? Not only is she out of season, but she’s wearing sneakers with a bathing suit which is just silly. I think AE is just scraping together all their leftover crap from previous collections and trying to pawn it off to naive 16-year-old consumers. But ooh, I cannot deny the amazingness of their jeans.



And seriously… I thought we were moving away from the ultra skinny…give a girl a meal…type models. I do think this is when they count their inventory and unload the 2009 stuff. I probably should do the same.. and get rid of my 1999 stuff.


I went to AE tonight and there was like, all this summer shit out. Same with Target! Wassup with that. I am so not ready to be trying on bathing suits.


Agrees with Rochelle, I think i see a rib sticking out of the one in the bathing suit…oh wait, its a crack pipe in her top…nevermind.

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