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Ani Difranco and Kimya Dawson at the Pines Theater in NoHo

Recently my sisters and I went to see Ani Difranco and Kimya Dawson at the Pines Theater in Northampton. Although my sisters and I are seasoned Noho vets, or NoHoes, we still managed to show up late.

Well, Jackie and I showed up late in her car and as fate would have it, Alicia swooped in right behind us at the same instant. We were actually talking on the phone to each other at the time.

I’m fucking so pissed at myself because we missed Kimya Dawson, who was pretty much the reason I went to show. Who starts a concert at 7 o’ clock?! No openers?! Ah well. Me, Alicia and Jackie walked to the stage as Ani was finishing up Gravel *tear*.

The crowd was pretty chill. Lots of earthy lesbians tripping out and/or dancing their hearts out. I liked it. The three of us all felt kind of highh and awkward, but overall it was a good show.

Afterwards we went to our favorite place: The Northampton Brewery. Alicia and I got the 4-beer sampler (mm, mm, mm) and Jackie got nachos. She also got a weird vomiting disease that apparently caused her to puke jalapenos out of her nose.

It was a pretty fun night.

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