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‘Angry Birds’ Take Over My Life

If you have an Ipod Touch and still want to maintain a social life- DO NOT READ THIS.

It has been over three months now, and I have yet to grow tired of  flinging birds into wood planks and TNT.

As many of you know, there are tons of games that can be downloaded onto your Ipod. I am not a huge “gamer,” but my boyfriend insisted I start playing this fruit cutting ninja game. I was intrigued for a day or two, but it grew old and I soon wanted something different. After going through a list of the top rated Ipod Touch games, we stumbled across Angry Birds.

I remember the first moments when the game began. I slowly cocked my finger back and released a small red bird into a field of pigs. I didn’t understand it at first- why are we killing these innocent green piggies? So what, they stole the bird’s eggs? Big deal.

I would hit them with a bird and they appeared to be bruised up. I would hit them with another bird and then they poofed away leaving numbers to higher my score.  When I would run out of birds and pigs were still remaining- even if bruised and broken- they would turn their frown into a smile and make oinking noises. That was when the “Level Failed” icon would appear. That is also when the addiction grew strong, and the hatred toward these green oinking bastards overtook me.

Each level can be ranked by one, two, or three stars. Depending on your score you will receive one of the three. So even after killing all the pigs, you can only get three stars by receiving the highest score possible for that level. When I started I just wanted to be able to beat the level and move on, but now that every level possible has been beaten I am focusing on going back and getting three stars for every single one. This has proven to be challenging, especially in levels that are hard to even get one star and kill each pig.

Since discovering this game, I have played everyday. I average about 45 minutes a day.  I will play and lose track of time. I play before going to bed at night, just a game or two before going to sleep. At least that is what I tell myself, but two hours later I’m still staring at the screen with bloodshot eyes, my boyfriend asleep next to me and at times being awoken by my sighs and frustrated yells, ” You should be dead! I blew you up!”

I plan to cut back on my playing time…  As soon as I beat every level with the highest score possible.

Hmm, this could take a while.




Jackie..say it ain’t so! Is this one of those “if you can’t beat ’em , join ’em ‘ type things? I know how you hate when Steve constantly plays video games! Worse than that though is the senseless slaughter of helpless pigs. You know this does not sit well with me.

so…will you be letting me try this next time you visit?

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