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Angie Vacations in a Onesie

I recently took a much-needed vacation.

Despite my frequent cracks about sitting on my couch alone, crying, watching Food Network, eating, smoking pot, etc., I’m actually a pretty busy person, so I planned on relaxing as much as possible during my 10 days off.

People asked me where I was going – “Somewhere tropical?” “Vegas?” “The beach? You could really use some color.”

But where I was going was far more wild and exotic than an island getaway. I was going back to North Adams, Mass


Day one of Operation: Sit On My Ass. In this picture, I’m thinking, “I’m not doing jack shit for 10 days – what can I say?” Pay no attention to that stain on the recliner…


Having time off allowed me to pick up old hobbies that I don’t usually have time for. Pictured here is yours truly playing the Beethoven classic, “Fur Elise.” Notice I don’t even need piano books- that’s how good I am.

People asked me if I would get bored going back to mom and dad’s house for vacation. What they don’t realize is that for the last three years our big beautiful Berkshire County dwelling has transformed from childhood home to commune. Even the animals aren’t bound by society’s pre-determined roles for them.

I know what you guys are thinking… “I make this look good.”
After a few days at home, I did start to get a bit nostalgic for NYC. So, with my newly acquired ability to fly (I told you I had extra time to devote to hobbies), I decided to check up on everything happening in this concrete jungle.

While I was up there (ya know, in the sky) I thought, “fuck it, may as well check out some other cool shit.” I’ve always wanted to see the Sphinx, and because of the onesie covering my entire body, I didn’t need to worry about applying pesky sunblock. Egypt = wicked hot.

So, I totally forgot to charge my Iphone before I left, and the stupid thing died before I could HopStop my way back to the Berkshires. God, make one wrong turn…

I recommend everybody take such time off. But stay away from the Sphinx- kind of overrated.


Rod Bunt

you sweet, funny, ball-breaking girl. you are my fave of all time


i was going to say, “does this onesie make my butt look big?” but then i realized you had already tagged that. god, who knew working in such close confines as the Mindset office and row 35 E&F could have such an impact on my thinking. damn.


OMG laughing out loud so hard HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


dying laughing that was awesome ange!


How can i show this to Gram and yet avoid the bong? ..hmm.. what a dilemma. So funny!


sl sl sl (seriously laughing)


Simply amazing.


Magic Onesie still in your closet….

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