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A Tribute to Paul Newman

One of the joys of having kids is sharing the things you loved as a child with them and watching them enjoy the very same thing. You get to be a child and a parent all at the same time. It is probably one of parenting’s finest moments. Case in point- “The Wizard of Oz.” Unfortunately, as parents we tend to start that one too soon forgetting how scary the movie can be to a child. Ah, well we learn as we go. 

paul newman

I feel sorry for kids whose parents do not read books to them that they loved as kids or watch old movies from their youth. When I was young there was only one TV so we really didn’t have much choice. Parents weren’t so accommodating and you pretty much watched what mom or dad was watching. I saw plenty of stuff I didn’t like but I also got to see some great stuff. As a result my kids have been exposed to many of those films by me and my husband who had a similar experience.

All this leads to the recent passing of the great Paul Newman. If you only know him as some old guy who made popcorn you are missing out on some of the best movies ever made. Let me repeat– EVER MADE. Ladies and gentlemen (of the homosexual persuasion) let me say that Paul Newman was so gorgeous that he puts Pitt and Clooney to shame. He got better with age and had he not gotten cancer he would still be looking pretty damn good even at 83.

When I was a high school freshman the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” came out. I had a poster hanging in my room for a couple years of Robert Redford and Paul Newman, the stars of the movie. OH MY GOD. Please rent that movie if you have not yet seen it. Then watch “The Sting,” and get “Cool Hand Luke.” By then you will be an addicted fan and will want to see all his movies of which there are about 50. His old stuff is great, his new stuff is great. “Absence of Malice” is another superior movie. Geez, too many to name. Don’t forget “Road to Perdition” with Tom Hanks.

Get out there and get to know what you have missed. As for me, I may just try to get that poster ordered off the Internet and put it up in the rec room. I feel a marathon coming on.



And as if he wasn’t hot enough .. check out that Moses piece he’s wearing! Sizzle sizzle

coffee fiend

Paul Newman is a legend for his work in movies, and he’s a stud for all his work outside of movies


I just watched the movie, ” The Hustler” starring him, I think it was from 1960’s. It was pretty good, I mean I turned it on hoping to fall asleep to it, but I ended up turning the sleep timer off because I wanted to watch the end! Jackie Gleason was in it too..random!

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