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A Quickie With Iron & Wine: Our Endless Numbered Days

The second studio album from singer songwriter Samuel Beam, former college professor turned indie legend, turns six years old this spring. Iron & Wine’s popularity and influence has become increasingly harder to ignore since Beam stopped teaching and started recording music full time.

Having written songs used in television shows and films as far back as Garden State and as recently as Twilight, (did I lose you right there? Stay with me, I’m sorry) Beam’s songs are no secret to the public eye.

So whether you’re unfamiliar or you’re a fan, I challenge you to give what I’ve decided to call the perfect “rainy day” album, Our Endless Numbered Days, a once-through.

What do I mean by rainy day?  Nearly all the songs are on the album all very mellow and acoustic.  This isn’t really something you’re going to blast on the stereo with all your pals in the car on the way to a party.  It’s an album you can listen to by yourself to soothe you to sleep or relaxing background music while going about your day.  But don’t let that allow you to overlook the lyrics.

As you’ll already know if you’re an Iron & Wine fan, Beam’s lyrics are very real, smart, and at times almost haunting.  Which is great, if you’re in the mood for it.  Even though Iron & Wine songs don’t always shy away from deeper subject matter, they’re all written so well and sung so calmly it won’t leave you feeling depressed.  Probably more reflective than anything else.

Acoustic music not your thing?  Not really into easy listening?  Well I won’t lie to you… this album is probably a miss.  But if you’re at all up for that folk-indie sound, or at least willing to find out if you are, I can’t recommend it enough.





I shall take Mr. Cimino’s challenge and give this album a once-through on the next available rainy day.

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