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A moment for Jenny [by Rochelle]


It was a pretty nice day today so after work I thought I would take my dog, Jenny, for a walk. I already had my sneakers on so we could get right out the door.
Then I remembered.
There was no more Jenny. We had Jenny put down the day before after just a brief, sudden, and undiagnosed illness. Jenny would have been 14 in September so I guess it is no great surprise that this should happen. This fact does not make my heart hurt any less.
With the “Marley and Me” book and movie recently out most of you have probably had your fill of sentimental dog stories so I will not go on about Jenny’s amazing qualities.
In general dogs are far superior to humans. They don’t care if you are ugly, fat, or smell badly. They aren’t racist or sexist. They will forgive your rotten moods and behavior. They are loyal and demand very little for this loyalty. Food, water, affection — that’s it. If you know a mean dog it is because someone made it that way. And, even an ugly dog is cute. I just love dogs.
I will list 10 things about Jenny because I am so terribly sad and need to unburden myself:
  1. Jenny loved me the most. She was a family dog but I walked her. I brushed her. She was my dog.
  2. Jenny was a lady. She was delicate and sensitive. If you raised your voice to her she would sulk. Her food needed to be cut into small pieces. She could be fed by hand and would never, ever nip you.
  3. Jenny was not a watch dog. She was too friendly and would easily have let you walk into our house…even if we weren’t home. (I said 10 things, not necessarily good things.)
  4. Jenny traveled well. She loved being in a vehicle and did not get sick even after five hours driving to the Cape. I think she was just happy to be going with us.
  5. Jenny got along well with cats and dogs and tried many times to befriend a skunk. This did not go well on at least eight smelly occasions.
  6. Jenny did love me the most, but if all three girls were home she insisted on being with them and would scratch at their door until they let her in. She had to be in on the party!
  7. Jenny was very cool and allowed sunglasses and hats to be put on her with no fuss.
  8. Jenny let me put my whole hand in her mouth to give her medicine and would never bite me.
  9. Jenny was pretty. No, I know how dogs are cute but Jenny was pretty.
  10. Jenny was adopted by us from The Berkshire Humane Society when she was 18 months old. Our first dog, Imus, had died at age 13 about a year earlier. We thought we could never love a dog like we had loved our first dog. We were right. Each pet is different and special and unique and find a new place in your heart.
When you bring an animal into your life you are setting yourself up for heartbreak. I accept this heartbreak because it is the result of my years of joy spent with Jenny.
P.S. I took my walk anyway. Three people asked where my dog was. In my mind, she was right by my side.


Joanie LaValley-Leary

I am so sorry for your loss. We’re dog people, too. This was a really nice story about Jenny and I hope you guys don’t go too long without a new addition to your family. Like you said, no one could replace Imus or Jenny, but a house isn’t a home without a dog!
<3 Joanie


Jenny will be greatly missed by many. She was truly a dog with grace and style (which is why she was the perfect compliment to the ladies of the house). Rest in peace Jenny love.


Jenny lives on in all of our hearts. I will never forget how she barked at me at work loud enough for all to hear! She just wanted to say hello. 🙂


Much love for Jenny. I have seen two of my own dogs “pass on,” as it were (both were put to sleep at 16, amazing for a dog), one of which I was born with and one I grew up with and went a couple years ago. While its never easy it is acceptable because they enjoy their years so much. Both of mine would respond to a snap of the fingers and lay with you until the end of time. Although it is always difficult to see them go, the benefit of dogs, no matter which one, they always love and will always be there for their pack / family. You will never forget any of your pets, and there will never be another Jenny or Le Nez or Mandy (my dogs), there will always be another and it will love you the same. We will never forget our previous loves, but there is comfort in knowing there will always be at least one more dog that will earn and deserve that love, and the species will always be by your side. Granted I live with two(neither are mine, but family just the same), I cannot wait to own my next dog to co-habitate with and spend the time and fill the atmosphere that no other person on the planet can match


I told you I wasn’t going to read this but obviously I have little to no will power ( as shown by the empty wine glass and empty plate of crackers and cheese sitting next to me). What a beautiful tribute to all of our dogs and my heart is breaking for you. Jenny was the luckiest dog to be live among a family that loved her so much and gave her a second chance at life.

No matter what we give to our pets, they give back to us ten fold and we are such better people for their love and acceptance. If we only knew how much of our heart belongs to them we would be afraid to fall in love with that sweet puppy or purring kitty because our lives will never be the same when they are no longer with us.

Thank you for sharing your love and your losses with us, anyone blessed to have a pet shares your pain.

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