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A Buntology Thanksgiving

Angela says: Thanksgiving = guilt-free gluttony
Thanksgiving is the best holiday for a few reasons. First of all, it’s the kickoff to the holiday season and i walk around my big warm house feeling all tingly and nostalgic inside. Second of all, five days at home is the perfect mini-vacation and a great vaca-teaser before winter break rolls around. But that best thing about Thanksgiving is that it encompasses everything i love in one day. Food, tree and family. I’m a simple girl.

I’m laying in my bed typing this and at 5:08 pm my family (save for alicia who’s at work) is passed out. We eat early and for the rest of the day our food is buffet style on the dining room table. Let the eating fest continue into the night! I wasn’t too pleased with my afternoon performance, i think living off of my roommate’s rice pilaf for the last month has shrunk my stomach and left my body frail.

Jackie says: I eat to live and I live to eat!
Thanksgiving, a time to be with your family and loved ones. I love coming home for this holiday because it means the major amount of work from the semester is over with, and I get to chillax with mummsy, daddo, and most importantly Ange and Alicia. Ya know, I rarely get to see my sisters so it will be a rare treat this holiday season. Can you sense my sarcasm through text?

One of my favorite things to do in the whole entire world is eat. I also love to cook, so helping out on this day of feasting is always a good time. Sleeping is really cool too, so overall Thanksgiving is the best! Cook, eat, sleep, eat, eat, eat, sleep,eat…eat.

I am trying to think back on a memory from a past Thanksgiving I could talk about, but all I can remember is times of me taking foil off of dishes and sneaking food when nobody is looking. Alicia usually ends up catching me and gets all pissy. Ah, good times good times.

Rochelle says: The Best Holiday

I love Thanksgiving! It is actually my favorite holiday.

It starts with my job letting me out a couple of hours early on Wednesday and then moves right into a four day weekend. I don’t have to have a gift ready for anyone for this holiday or drive anywhere. The focus is on having way too much food and just hanging out in comfortable clothes with my husband, daughters, and pets. Movies are watched in a variety of rooms, we nap, we eat more. If it isn’t too cold I take my dog for a walk and pretend I worked off all the dessert calories. How could you not love this day?

I remember Thanksgiving when I was a kid. We always spent it with my Aunt Beatrice, Uncle Harry, and my cousins. My grandparents would be there too. It was such a good time. Mostly because I adored my aunt and uncle and whenever my parents were with them they would be in a good mood. All but my mother are gone now. You just think things will always be the way they are and then suddenly they aren’t anymore and it’s just kind of sad. My aunt actually died on Thanksgiving day back in 1989. Cancer. Anyway, I never connect the holiday to her death only to the good times had at her house. So those are my thoughts this Thanksgiving. Thankful for sweet memories and looking forward to making some new ones.

Will says: I have two Thanksgivings, you have one!
Seriously though, I do. Every Thanksgiving my family alternates which side of the family we eat dinner with and which side we eat dessert with. This year we’re going to my dad’s side for dinner and my mom’s side for dessert. For all you ‘left brain’ people, I hope I haven’t lost you yet because I know the math isn’t right. That’s still one Thanksgiving a year.

The second one comes the day after. My parents are both one of five children so both sides of my family are big. However, my dad’s side is italian so in reality… it’s massive. Because there are a lot of families on my dad’s side and a lot of cousins and second cousins and close family friends, we all get together the day after Thanksgiving to enjoy a second Thanksgiving where we eat leftovers. Unfortunately (or fortunately) this event has become so hectic and popular we have started to have to make new food on the second day. And then, like most families, we mentally and physically prepare ourselves for the four to five following days of remaining leftovers. Each and every one of which, I will enjoy.

Ivan O. Cordero: Ivan’s Thanksgiving Dinner
Every Thanksgiving we have dinner usually at my Mom and Dad’s in Springfield, sometimes at my sisters in Ludlow. I pick up my grandmother, Abuela Julia, and bring her over for dinner. My brothers David, Roy, and my sister Lisa come over. Lisa’s two kids (my nephew’s) Peter and Connor come over too. My brother, Orlando and I, usually end up trying to avoid preparing anything for the day because we’re lazy. But that’s usually impossible and we have to go get some rolls, or dessert, or prepare the table or something.

My mother makes the majority of the food, but my dad helps and makes a lot of stuff too. Being the picky eater that I am, I usually go thanksgiving without eating too much. My mom will have all this turkey, pork, rice and beans, potato salad, pasteles (food made of plantain bananas grinded up with meat and stuff that boiled, my mom makes it a lot and everyone loves it) and a lot of other stuff too that I don’t even know. I usually eat something quick before dinner since I don’t each much. I’ll sit at the table and chill with the family at dinner but I usually will only end up eating a bread roll, and a couple pastelillos. What’s pastelillos? It’s Spanish and I don’t know what it’s called in English. But it is like this fried turnover thing, made with dough and with meat in the inside. It’s delicious, and that is really the only Spanish food/Thanksgiving food I eat.

So on Thanksgiving it is nice to be home and see all of us get together, friends and family, and be thankful for everything we have. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



at the end of my thanksgiving i am left with a crippling sense of allergenicness because of my cat and dog and a feeling that my appendix is going to burst for reasons not pertaining to the amount of food i ate.


ange i love how you admit to living off my rice pilaf hahahaha i love you

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