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The Unemployment Diary Part 9: It’s Not So Bad

How long can one person sit in their apartment, devoid of all social interaction, before going mad? How much daytime TV can a human consume before losing all faith in humanity, and in modern television programming? And just how much stress can one neurotic Jewess endure before going completely bat-shit insane?

The Unemployment Diary Part 8: Lies My Parents Told Me

It's not the "not having a job" thing that's freaking me out, it's just that I'm not into living a life of frugality. I'm a Taurus, I'm a glutton. I like to be comfortable. I go to concerts, go out drinking, get brunch, take cabs. Quality of life is just as important as paying the rent, and if I can't have fun then I can't enjoy life.

The Unemployment Diary Part 6: What is Time, Anyway?

Friday, July Something Well dear reader, it has finally happened. After being unemployed since March 3, I have finally snapped my cap, gone ‘round the bend, bought a ticket for the Up With People Concert, and begun wearing traffic cones on my head as cutting-edge fashion. What I mean to say is that I’ve caught […]

The Unemployment Diary Part 5: First You Say it, Then You Do it

It was waiting downstairs. As you probably have learned from hard-won experience, dear reader, the things that blindside you and alter the course of your life (and not in a good way), the horrific things, don’t come accompanied by a dramatic swell of orchestral music and terse lines of movie script. There aren’t any vampires […]

The Unemployment Diary Part 4: Hobos & Dead Birds

Second Full Week, Unemployed I warmed up the car this morning at 8:45, drove Rochelle to work, stopped into Wal-Mart for squirrel food, then straight back to my PC to file for unemployment claims, work on some writing, try and figure out how the hell to get a job, and see if Willie Raylan will […]

The Unemployment Diary Part 2: Now What?

…As you already know, Dear Reader, I’ve been canned, sacked, terminated, booted, let go, boned in the ass, as they say. My former employer, the mayor, was decent enough to let me save face by submitting a letter of resignation in which I stated that I was going on to bigger, better things, like dumpster […]

The Unemployment Diary Part 1: The Aftermath

Recently (so recently, most of my co-workers are blissfully unaware) I have been let go, terminated, been hit by the Big Ugly Axe, sacked. Dear Reader, for your amusement, while I am still giddy over the prospect of getting to stay home and confident about my ability to land another situation making more money and with […]

Our Favorite Bunty Search Terms

This June marks Buntology's fourth year in the blogging business. In those four years we've posted articles on everything from the death penalty to summer vacation, online dating to mouse feces, and much, much more.