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Gogol Bordello, manman at the House of Blues [by Ivan]

[Editor’s note: Sorry for the delay of this post. Alicia and I were supposed to go to this show but technology failed us (damn GPS. OK hand-written directions failed us, too) and we missed it. It was too painful to read this review after Ivan wrote it, but now I’m seeing ManMan in July so […]

Buntology’s 2009 Year in Music–Thanks for the Memories!

Wow! We can’t believe 2009 has come to an end. This year saw a lot in music, and so did the staff at Buntology. Between Phish, festies, and a smattering of new and classic rock concerts, it’s going to be hard to top all of the awesome performances 2009 had to offer. But, before we […]

Honus is the Man Man

Man Man, a band known for its unique sound and dynamic live performances, has taken a break from touring to work on their newest record. Long-time Buntology readers are probably aware that the website is a huge supporter of the 5-piece band from Philly, Penn., so when we got to talk to singer/pianist Honus Honus […]


Angela is gearing up right this minute for her trip to Michigan to see the Rothbury Music Festival! The festival, located in Rothbury, Michigan (duh), is four days and four nights. That’s a whole lotta not showering. Here is the artist lineup for the weekend. Between Angela, Christina and guest writer Neil, Buntology should be […]

Man Man…Oh man…

On Saturday night the girls and I went to a Man Man concert. Man Man? Huh? What the heck is that? I bet that is what a lot of you are thinking. (They are the sickest band ever. – Angela) I was thinking the same thing only two weeks ago. I only agreed to go […]