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Devil Never Even Lived: An interview with DOPAPOD

In a musical sea of jam, funk and electronic bands, all clamoring their way through the festy and club circuit hoping for mainstream success, Dopapod stands out above the rest.

The four-piece experimental funk group manages to blend all of the aforementioned genres and turn them into something exciting and original- not to mention their insanely energetic and wicked fun live shows. When you go to see Dopapod you know you’re going to be dancing until your feet fall off.

Formed four years ago in Boston, Mass., the group now resides in New York City, where I caught up with them before their recent show at Sullivan Hall and discussed their new album, Five Hour Energies, and the group’s ineffable love of palindromes…

Angie Vacations in a Onesie

I recently took a much-needed vacation.

Despite my frequent cracks about sitting on my couch alone, crying, watching Food Network, eating, smoking pot, etc., I’m actually a pretty busy person, so I planned on relaxing as much as possible during my 10 days off.

People asked me where I was going – “Somewhere tropical?” “Vegas?” “The beach? You could really use some color.”

But where I was going was far more wild and exotic than an island getaway. I was going back to North Adams, Mass