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What New Years Eve Means to Me

I do not like New Years Eve. I would even go so far to say that it rivals Halloween for my “Least Enjoyed Holiday” award.

“But why, Angela? New Years Eve is a time for new beginnings! A chance to start over!”


New Years Eve is the single worst night of the year for anybody not in a relationship (way worse than Valentines Day, a holiday I actually enjoy). Not only is it 100x harder to make plans because all of your friends are just going to hang out with their boyfriends, but then you have the added pressure of having somebody to kiss at the magical moment of midnight which brings me right the f*ck back to freshmen year of high school when I was the only 9th grader that didn’t have a senior to dance with at Freshmen Reception.

I have never had a midnight kiss on NYE. This is partly because I’m a loser, and partly because I have standards and don’t want to ring in the new year with a sloppy, drunken moment of regret and repulsion.

Buntology’s ‘Websites to Watch in 2011’ List


Move over ISketch- Dudlers has got you beat.

The “social” drawing website launched only a few months ago and already has almost 700 doodles and 235 members under its belt.

The concept of Dudlers is based heavily on sharing via Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and the other usual suspects, and lets you share doodle sessions with other live users.

Besides the modern “share” aspect of Dudlers, what makes the site stand out amongst countless other computer drawing programs- even paintbrush- is that the tools actually enable you to doodle halfway decent pictures. While I could go for a little paintbucket action, the ink tool and the background image tool make me feel like an arteest every time- which is no easy feat considering I’m left handed and used a touch pad to draw this.

Check out the below comparison and tell me I’m not gifted (note the awesome embeddable thumbnail size).

club glass by Guest

Facebook Users Spread Holiday Cheer, Anti-semitism

It’s getting to be that time of year again. 

You know, the time when I start to hate Facebook and contemplate having about five “friends.”

I have learned to ignore most of the political statements, requests to play games and answer questions about myself, or even find out who is searching for me (like I care). And now this week, thanks to Facebook, I have discovered the true spirit of Christmas through an old classmate’s FB wall: Anti-semitism.

With myself being a Jew this is kind of disturbing, and being it is on my Facebook simply means I have to write about it. My kids tell me I am the sensitive one in the family and perhaps this is true [editor’s note: *nods*] but a hater is a hater and I know one when I see -or rather- read one.

Holy Sh*t I’m Moving to NYC | Part 2

The second and final installment of Angela’s “HSIMTNYC” Video Diary has finally arrived!

This video was a definitely more of a challenge to put together than the first. In part 1, the storyline had a clearly defined beginning, middle and end, which made it easier in terms of knowing what to film and how to edit it. Capturing life post-move was a little more difficult because, like, I’m still living it. So I did my best to take about two months worth of footage and make some type of cohesive storyline with it.

The result? Jackie and I dicking around the city making jokes that are probably only funny to us.