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Tidwell’s Treasure: Musical Gold

Remember this guy? (Hint: click the picture)

Up-and-coming band Tidwell’s Treasure performed Saturday at the Iron Horse in Northampton, Mass., and luckily Buntology was there to catch it.

For those not “in the know” Tidwell’s Treasure is a new group from Western Massachusetts, and they’re pretty damn good.

The band’s sound is kind of marching band-ish / ska-ish / rock-ish / dance your ass off-ish, and when they opened for Rubblebucket Orchestra last weekend they certainly caught the crowd’s attention.

Of course I have a special place in my heart for the band because I went to college with two of the members, so as the editor of Buntology you should listen to everything I say and check out TT before they blow up and can’t play club shows anymore.

Pictures & more– after the jump!


Apparently American Eagle Dictates the Weather Now

I’m a little confused as to what “season” these looks are for. The leggings and jackets scream winter, but most of these chicks are wearing spring dresses and shorts. Oh, and what’s with that rando girl in the bikini? Not only is she out of season, but she’s wearing sneakers with a bathing suit which is just silly. I think AE is just scraping together all their leftover crap from previous collections and trying to pawn it off to naive 16-year-old consumers. But ooh, I cannot deny the amazingness of their jeans.

A Learning, Albeit Scarring, Experience

Once a year I actually get to see my primary care physician. I think it is some kind of law otherwise I doubt I would even know what he looks like.

This year I was all

prepared with a years worth of inquiries and observations about my aging body all written down lest I forget something. Failing memory was at the top of the list.

My doctor is young, cute, and as luck would have it, very professional. My fantasy of a Lifetime movie based on an inappropriate dalliance was quickly squashed.

After the usual flirting (OK, he asked me if I had any problems, complaints, questions) I reminded him of the small pimple/bump between my nose and eye that was preventing me from being a super model. I had pointed this out to him the year before but he said that removing it would cause a scar that might be more unflattering than the bump.

This year I wasn’t having any of that.