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Bunty Throwback: RTH ’08 Outtakes

Some outtake footage from last winter’s Rock the House. This was right after Angie got really really sick with what we now believe was an early strain of H1N1 — or maybe she just shouldn’t have eaten a gram of weed when she was already kind of sick and away at Westfield State. Ah, youth.

Anyway, Jackie apparently wanted attention, too. “I’m the most dedicated person on this staff .. ing .. system …” You still are, Jack. You still are.

Michael Buble is Buble’ing up the Charts

Michael Bublé’s latest album, Crazy Love is number 1 on the Billboard charts for the second week in a row.


I have been a fan of Michael’s music since I was a freshman in college. (Thank you for introducing me to him William Cimino) This new album is by far my favorite yet.

He is known for covering classic jazz hits from Frank Sinatra to Dean Martin, and even Nat King Cole. Michael Buble takes each song and re works it to make it his own. He has also written numerous hit singles like, “Everything” and “Home”.

Honus is the Man Man

Honus Honus performing with Man Man at Rothbury 2009
Honus Honus performing with Man Man at Rothbury 2009

Man Man, a band known for its unique sound and dynamic live performances, has taken a break from touring to work on their newest record.

Long-time Buntology readers are probably aware that the website is a huge supporter of the 5-piece band from Philly, Penn., so when we got to talk to singer/pianist Honus Honus (Ryan Kattner) recently we were very excited.

We met up with Honus after a show earlier this month in Northampton, Mass., where he gave us some info on the upcoming album and what Man Man has been up to.

“We’re in the thick of it right now, that’s why we’re not really playing many shows,” said Honus. “We’re just planning on doing little weekends runs so at every show we can work on new material.”

The new material, which Honus said may involve more “crooning,” will appear on the fourth full-length Man Man album.

Orionid Meteor Shower

Hey everybody! Take a look outside your window between the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday. The annual “Orionid Meteor Shower” is coming to Earth to destroy us all!


Just kidding!

This meteor shower is going to be really cool to watch, and according to NASA’s , Bill Cooke we will be seeing, “Flakes of comet dust hitting the atmosphere that should give us dozens of meteors per hour.”

Balloon Incident in Colorado


Update #2/Jackie’s opinion: Ok, so does anyone else find it weird that this family has already been on TV before, and the father is this “self proclaimed” scientist, who builds this balloon thing.

What 6 year old stays hiding for over 3 hours?

OH, and last night on the news the reporter asked him, “why  did you stay hiding for so long?” The young boy’s response was something along the lines of, ” to get on a show”.


It’s a hoax baby!

Update: So, they found him alive hiding under a box in his attic. How anti-climactic.
Earlier today in Colorado, a 6-year-old boy was thought to have taken off in his parent’s experimental hot air balloon.

After almost two hours of floating (at times floating several hundred feet in the air) The balloon crashed down in a field, where authorities rushed to help the young boy, but there was no boy inside!

Authorities are searching through the boy’s neighborhood, home, and surrounding area. As of now, there is still no sign of him. They are unsure if the boy fell from the balloon, or was never in the balloon to begin with.

Apparently, this was a experiment the young boy and father were working on together.

For more information click here!

Customer Service Week: ‘Thank You for Calling, How May I Help You?’


Customer Service Week is a national event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service, and honoring the people who serve and support customers with the highest degree of care and professionalism.
Each year thousands of companies across the United States and around the world celebrate Customer Service Week. They represent leading financial, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retailing, hospitality, communications, not-for-profit and educational organizations as well as government agencies and others. What unites them is their profound commitment to quality customer service. Join them in celebrating Customer Service Week.
Customer Service Week Background

I work in customer service. While you may think this week is silly or just one more nonsensical pat on the back to people who get paid to do a job, then you have forgotten the value of good customer service.

Totally Ridiculous Vegetarian Chili

Like I said, I have been doing nothing but cooking and yoga lately. Sooo … guess what I did today?

I was seriously cooking all day.

That on the right is some diced chicken with carrots and onions and garlic cloves and freshy fresh basil. I won’t bother with a recipe on that because it’s just like … whatever whatever. I couldn’t even taste it to see what it needed — I had to bring it to my dad to see what he thought. (I don’t eat sentient creatures, as you all know.)

On the left? That’s the bucket of veggie chili I made for the fam. Recipe on the jump.