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Big Things Poppin’ in North Adams, MA (9/24)

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The final DownStreet Art Thursday of the season includes a full schedule of gallery openings and special events on September 24 from 6 – 9 p.m. on Main, Holden and Eagle Streets. “Out of the Box”, will be held at the North Adams Artists’ Co-Operative Gallery at 33 Main with an opening reception from 6-9 p.m., held concurrently with all other DownStreet activities.

The Refractive Kinescope by Boston-based Kinodance Company culminates with three multi-media dance performances at MCLA Gallery 51 Annex, also on September 24 at 6,7 and 8 pm. Call 664.8718 for information.

Do the Wormtown Wiggle 2009


Angela and Neil, Buntology’s designated hippies, hit up Wormtown Festival this weekend. Check out their recap below, and be sure to stay tuned for Ange’s Wormtown documentary that will be premiered on Buntology later in the week!

Angela: The Wormtown Music Festival is one of the Pioneer Valley’s best kept secrets. Tucked away in Greenfield, Mass., Camp KeeWanee hosts the only festival where you can watch live music from 10 a.m. until 6 a.m. the next day for under $90. And it’s GOOD music.

Neil: And if you are as awesome as we are, you get free entrance to the show, complete with a purple wristband signifying that you are important members of the media. HA!

Reluctant Mexican Bean Salad

So I have a whole bunch of time on my hands lately because I quit my job at the newspaper. Besides the copious amount of yoga and online shopping, I’ve decided to fill my hours with trying new recipes out on my family and

I am a culinary prodigy.


I’ve always said I hate hate hate kidney and black beans. When my dad makes something with kidney beans, like spaghetti sauce or vegetarian chili (my mom and I don’t eat meat), I pitch a fit. My poor, extremely accommodating father is always willing — nay, eager — to cook for me, and I imagine it’s hard to find something nutritious for a girl who doesn’t eat anything sentient. Here’s the thing, though — I’m such a raging bitch about the kidney bean thing, even though in recent years I’ve discovered I like them.

I’m kind of irrational. Sorry, Daddy.

Monday Morning News

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

At sunset yesterday began Rosh Hashanah, also known as the Jewish New Year! It is a Jewish Holiday that is observed today until sunset on Sunday. Rosh Hashanah represents the start of the civil year in the Hebrew Calender! Even though it’s September and you may think 2009 is almost over, so begins a new year. So Happy Year 5770! and Happy Rosh Hashanah!


Check Out the Hoops on That Girl

It’s Friday! Jump start your weekend with this awesome hula-hooping vid created by Special Buntology Contributor Lauren Davenport. She’s been hooping for a few months now and has made amazing progress. Below you can watch her hooping to The New Deal’s “Gone Gone Gone.” If you like this, be sure to check out her YouTube channel here!


Lots more hooping and barefoot fun to come after Wormtown Festival this weekend!

Big Things Poppin’ in North Adams (9/16 E-Zine)

This octopus hangs in one of North Adams' many art galleries, and was taken at the first Downstreet Art opening.
This octopus hangs in one of North Adams' many art galleries, and was taken at the first Downstreet Art opening.

The North Adams Director of Tourism and Cultural Development, Rod Bunt (otherwise known as Dad), has spoken! Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a listing of all upcoming events in North Adams, the city of dreams. You can expect an update like this once a week, so check it out!

On September 16 at 7 p.m. the Bascom Lodge at the summit of Mount Greylock, will host Lauren Moffat, PHD, speaking about sustainability at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. The talk is free- there will be a fixed price dinner afterwards. Call 743.1591.

On Thursday, September 17 at 7 p.m. Northern Berkshire Community Television Corporation holds an open house for adults interested in helping with television coverage of local school events.

Football Season for a Disgruntled Bills Fan

We get it Tom Brady, you are perfect in every way (except for that loss to the Giants). However, what you did on Monday night was sickening.

How dare you take the pleasure of beating the Patriots away from those lowly Buffalo Bills? If it wasn’t for Leodis McKelvin making such an egregious error, you would not have had the chance to throw that game-winning touchdown pass. (If I sound like a disheartened, beaten Bills fan, it’s because I am.)

Mr. Brady, please go enjoy your millions of dollars and amazingly stunningly super-sexy wife and let someone else take the reins (Trent Edwards, anyone?). It’s just not fair that you have EVERYTHING (except an undefeated season.)