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blink 182 on leno, ange on her futon watching

blink tat copy

Blink 182 appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday and Wednesday to perform songs off their greatest hits album and promote their upcoming summer tour.

On Tuesday the band performed “The Rock Show” with Mark Hoppus on lead vocals. Donning tight black pants and his subtle-yet-spikey hairdo, Hoppus left the viewers (me) wondering if he ever ages (aka is still so hot).

Travis Barker was also in full effect, and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say it felt damn good to see him drumming again.

short pitching outing for the L.A. Angels [by Ivan]


The Los Angeles Angels, a team many people predicted to do well this year, got off to an interesting start last Saturday when they played the Texas Rangers.

The Angels have been in second place in the AL West behind the Texas team, but now with the return of Ervin Santana and ace John Lackey, they are looking to moving back up top.

Lackey made his season debut against the Texas Rangers at Saturday’s game, and he did not last long. He only lasted two pitches to be exact.

Lackey returned to the Angels lineup and faced one batter, Ian Kinsler. He threw one pitch behind him, while the next pitch beamed him on the side. Lackey was immediately thrown out of the game — after just two pitches!

Was it on purpose? I think so, but we may never know for sure. The ace Lackey will probably miss a little more time now if he gets suspended.

Welcome back John Lackey!

A mother’s advice at graduation [by rochelle]


Very soon my little girls, along with many others, will be graduating from college and heading out into the grown-up world of all those things you couldn’t wait to be a part of. Hopefully all of you will find work and have long, wonderful lives.

Can I please tell you just one little thing? Just the tiniest piece of advice — I swear it isn’t nonsense. I will leave all the usual stuff for your relatives to annoy you with as they hand you envelopes filled with money.

OK it is actually a two-parter.

A Mother’s Day Marathon of Sports [by Jeff Dale]


Last year we had the Red Sox epic comeback from five runs down in the bottom of the ninth. This year we got another memorial Mother’s Day in the form of three wins from the boys from Boston.

First the Black and Gold got on the board with an early 1-0 lead on account of a pretty give-and-go from Phil Kessel and Marc Sarvard. The B’s went on to win 4-0, thanks to Tim Thomas stoning the Canes all night long.

During the game I asked my buddy Murph (huge B’s fan) whether Claude would ever consider starting Fernandez and give Timmy a break. The resounding answer from Murph?


Bored at Work: Racing the Sun

As the school year winds down, many of us at Buntology are preparing for graduation. This means we are very busy, so lay off, OK!?!? (And by busy I mean stressed out.) Here is a piece written by Will, who prefaced the story by telling us: “Not really typical stuff I know, but w/e I was bored (hence title).”


Every winter I eagerly anticipate one of my favorite days of the year. When we spring those clocks forward. I couldn’t possibly put a price on that extra hour of daylight. For people like me who enjoy the long days, or people with Seasonal Affective Disorder, spring is a big sigh of relief. Once the world feels right again, and Father Time is back where he belongs, it’s just a countdown until June 21, the longest day of the year. Recently I proposed a hypothetical question to my friends, asking them how far they thought someone could get leaving from Boston at sunrise and driving west, only stopping once the sun went down. And because it’s a nice, sunny, 73 degree day and I’m sitting inside bored at work, I decided to try and answer that question to the best of my ability.