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Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul

You've got to run like an antelope. Out of control.

Ange and Xtina are out of CONTROL right this minute at Phenway – I mean, Fenway – Park, dancing, drinking and plugging the site at the first Phish show of their summer tour!

I, needless to say, am almost paralyzed with jealousy. I am a prettttty big Phish fan, but I had to work. As usual. Luckily, the girls are sending me textual updates and pics, which I’ll pass onto you readers. The first song? “Sample in a Jar.” I LOVE YOU TREY!!!!

More photos and a set list after the jump.

PHENWAY, baby!

Alcohol drinkers beware – you’re in for a scare [by Will]


It’s probably cliche for me to say that nothing free is free, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Which is why when Obama spoke of “free” health care, a rational thought would be to ask where the money comes from to pay for it. Well that’s a question even Obama doesn’t have the answer to. But rest assured, there are ideas storming in our government’s proverbial brain storm.

One proposal? A beer tax.

How much for this memory? [by Rochelle]

toys copy

Finally Angela agreed to let me get rid of the many boxes of “stuff” packed away in the attic that have been collecting dust for over ten years.

Angela is loyal to a fault and refused to part with any toys, stuffed animals, posters, Barbies, etc. She didn’t want to hurt their feelings. [OK let me clarify that this is Angela of 10+ years ago. And my Cabbage Patch doll would have been upset!- Angela] This can cause problems when it comes to inanimate objects and a mother who hates clutter.

idaknow wtf this thing is [by jelly blumenthal]

missing link

Evolution or Adam and Eve?

Either one works for me, just be able to prove it. I would love to know that I came from a retard that wasn’t content enough with roaming around all day with nobody there to judge him and do whatever the eff he wanted (ahem, Adam), but how are you going to prove that to me?

As for the whole humans developing from monkeys aspect of evolution — well hey, you got fossils, that’s a start.

Either way, nobody on the face of this planet has absolute proof as to where we definitely came from. However, there is some more evidence that has recently been brought to light. This evidence is the discovery of a new fossil named Ida.

‘Doin’ Work’: A Spike Lee joint to pass on [by jeff dale]


Kobe Bryant has been called a lot of things in his 12 year pro career — from rapist, to The Black Mamba, to MVP, to the next MJ. Kobe’s life has been a remarkable story of a star who rose so quickly after winning three championships by the age of 23, and whose crash to earth was equally remarkable.

These story lines might be what you’d expect to see when Spike Lee rolls up a fat one, and tackles one of the biggest sports icons of our generation. But, sadly to say, Spike has lost his fastball.

Jon and Kate + Divorce?



I remember Jon and Kate plus 8 when it first started. In the beginning they seemed so much more happy and normal, despite having so many kids in the family. It makes me depressed seeing all these stories and tabloids [like this one? – ange] coming out about the couple. I know Kate always seems a little bossy and crazy, but don’t you have to be a little controlling and nuts when you have so many kiddies running around?

Baseball has wild ways the past few days [by ivan]


The Major League Baseball season has been going on for almost two full months now, and so far there have been a few different things going on that we don’t usually see every day, or even every year. Let’s take a look at this year’s strange MLB events from April through May, buttt mostly from the past few days:

1. Hopefully you already read about Lackey’s short pitching outing. For those of you who missed it read it here.

2. As most of you know, the American League uses Designated Hitters to bat and the National League uses pitchers to bat. On Sunday May 17, the Rays hosted the Indians which featured a funny pregame mistake causing the Rays to lose their Designated Hitter spot.

not-so-random ramblings


Weeee’rreeee back!

The graduation madness has finally died down, which means is back in full swing. And with the recession also in full swing, we have more free time than ever. This means it’s time for some house keeping:

-Check out Random Ramblings, a blog by Westfield Stater Franny Zupancic. He does work on the school newspaper and recently started his own site in which he reviews wrestling, music, movies, video games, etc. etc. etc. For such a new blog it has a butt-load of content, now all it needs is some more readers. Do it!

-Do you know that we uploaded more YouTube videos? (More to come as soon as we figure out this video camera issue.)

-And finally *puts on kneepads for the D-sucking of Mark Zuckerberg* — don’t forget to become a fan of our Facebook page. You can find that right here.