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Josh’s Final Four predictions


It’s March Madness Tourney Time, and nothing is better. I had the pleasure of attending the Villanova vs. Pittsburgh game last Saturday night. Villanova ended up winning 78-76 with a finger roll layup with .5 seconds left in the second half, just after Fields (Pitt) hit two free throws to tie the game.

Unfortunately, I was pulling for Pittsburgh because I had them winning the whole tournament in my money bracket. I have to give respect to the Villanova fans. Nearly 90 percent of the T.D. Banknorth Garden was Nova supporters, which without a doubt helped them to victory.

This game was hands down the best in the tourney so far and not just because I was present.

Addiction: Not being unemployed

My beat is supposed to be about addictions. So here’s a new one. My job.

Let’s define, shall we? Addictions are little forces of nature which control your entire personality. Whether it’s the alcohol making you feel more confident, the pot making you more intellectual or the cigarettes making you less anxious, addictions are all the same. They control you.
Well, earlier this week, I thought I was about to go cold turkey. I thought I was out of a job.


Timeless, classic.

A few days ago I was checking the grocery ads and noticed the spelling was reversed for Wednesday’s sales. Woah, I thought. Wait until I show this pathetic editing to Alicia. Then it hit me. April Fools’ Day is upon us once more.

Let me explain what this means to the Bunt house. It means time for Jackie to figure out something to do to Mom that will horrify her, bring her to tears, give her a heart attack. Let the terror last for just a few minutes and then let the guffaws begin. I usually am so in awe of the prank that I can’t get angry. I am usually so relieved it is a prank that I can’t get upset. Jackie is the queen of April Fools’ Day.