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buntology march madness


March Madness may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops at Buntology!

The alligator beat the eel with 78 percent of the votes. And the lion beat the kangaroo with 89 percent of the votes. The alligator and lion will now advance to the next round.

Click below to vote for the Eastern bracket match up of (#4) Elephant and (#5) Gorilla, and the Western bracket match up of (#2) Tiger and (#7)Wolf…

les claypool: no drugs necessary

Crappy cell phone photo, but this is how close we were.
Crappy cell phone photo, but this is how close we were. I took some pictures before getting "spoken to," so stay tuned.

Les Claypool performed at the House of Blues in Boston last Thursday and it was the closest thing to a religious experience I’ve ever had.

Sober as a bird*, packed into the front row of the recently redone HOB (right across from Fenway), Ivan and I rocked OUT.

The concert, billed as The Oddity Faire: A Mutated Mini Fest, featured artists O’Death, Secret Chief 3 and Saul Williams. And of course, Lessy poo. All for 25 bucks!

odds & ends

We’ve been slacking.

  • A few weeks ago Angela [who is writing this] and her roommates hit up Hartford, Conn. for the annual St. Patty’s day celebration. We met this guy named Stanley who recited us some poetry and it was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I tried to record it and the sound quality is terrible. Stanley, where are you?!?! Good times were had by all, and good pics were taken by all. Check some of them out after the jump.
  • Ivan and I went to a Les Claypool show at the House of Blues last Thursday. Keep an eye out for the review in the next few hours.
  • Speaking of Ivan, remember Buntology’s March Madness Tournament? It took a little hiatus, but it’s back! The latest contenders, Elephant vs. Gorilla and Tiger vs. Wolf, will be available for voting tomorrow.
  • We’ve added a few new sites to our “we like these sites” area. The Fresh Scent is a counter-culture website I’ve been following for a while. And with the recent news about the potential legalization of marijuana (*crosses fingers*), they’ve had some pretty interesting material lately.
  • The other site, It’s Always Sunny in Orono, chronicles the experiences of UMaine student Brett and his friends (these boys may or may not have souls.) Some of the stories are pretty cringe-worthy, and that’s why Buntology likes them.

Alicia’s work-out plan

This is what I look like in real life.

There’s nothing I hate more than exercise.

People laugh when I tell them this. They think I’m kidding. But I do not exercise at all. I’m in terrible shape. I don’t go to the gym, I don’t take any work-out classes, I don’t hike or walk my dog or kickbox or use the stairs if I can avoid it. I don’t even really like walking.

My idea of physical activity is tackling my front steps after a long Saturday night. So imagine my horror at realizing my Fitness for Life class is not a lecture session but – oh god! – a fitness class.

Jackie Explains It All


I caught some of the presidential news conference tonight on FOX.

I am not going to go too far on this just because I am not totally positive  what I am talking about (as usual. Just kidding! РAlicia). But I will say what I have heard and somewhat understood from the news conference.

Jackie’s Wild and Crazy Spring Break


Spring Break 09′ baby! It was one for the books. I started off the week by taking it easy– I had developed a tiny cough and wanted to sleep it off. The cough then developed into a horrible flu, phlegm, chills and cold disease. The rest of the vacation consisted of tissues up the nose (a Bunt girl classic…I mean, just kidding! – Angela), Game Show Network (channel 409 on Time Warner Cable) and a lot of Nyquil.

sports: method & madness

Check out Buntology’s newest page, Sports: Method & Madness!

New to the staff, Josh Rickman and Steve Christo are hoping to beef up our sports section with their words of athletic wisdom, and spark some interesting dialog among readers.

Check out their first post: Steroid Blame Pie

“I want to introduce the man who is most responsible for steroid use in baseball, Mr. Bud Selig. Before I get people all hot and bothered, I will note that I am cognizant of the fact that there are issues between the Players Association and commissioner’s office. However, he is the commissioner, he is the one ultimately responsible for steroid use in baseball for the last 20 years…”

First the White House, then your living room


President Obama appeared on Jay Leno Friday night in the first TV talk show appearance by an active president, and managed to reassure the country while simultaneously charming the pants off of them. Or maybe that’s just me.

Leno, NBC’s late-night host whose interview tactics have annoyed the hell of out of me in the past, seemed at ease with the President as they discussed the country’s financial state, specifically AIG and corruption in big banks.

heading to long island…


Buntology will be taking a mini-vaca for the rest of the week. Angela and Alicia are heading to Long Island to visit family, while Mama and Dada look after Jackie’s sickly self.

Stay tuned because there are big things poppin’ when we get back, such as:

-New and improved Buntology March Madness Tournament
-A new sports section
-Coverage of the Lights Out Green In benefit this Saturday