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Health care reform- Bunt style [by Rochelle]


I have some ideas on how to fix the health care system. OK, maybe more thoughts on what is wrong with it and not so much how to fix it. OK, maybe I just feel like whining about the latest thing that happened to me at my local health care facility.

A while back I went into a tirade about how often mistakes were made to my prescriptions and how those mistakes resulted in hundreds of dollars in medicine being sent to me that I could not use or return. I figure if that many mistakes could be made to my family, surely this same scenario is being repeated in houses across America, costing millions of dollars to insurance companies.

This week I had another incident that illustrates the ridiculous waste of money in the health care system.

it’s been a long weekend…


Found behind the couch of Angela’s on-campus apartment at Westfield State College:

1. “Oh look, a pair of sandals! Ew, they’re stuck to the floor!”

2. Absentee ballot. Good thing Barack won.

3. The Westfield Voice with a picture from the first presidential debate on it.

4. Playing cards. Wish we’d known about these five Thursdays ago.

The Most Overrated Band in History by Will C.

beatlespic does not endorse the following comments. Like, at all. Don’t shoot the messenger, people!

It shouldn’t be surprising that the most overrated band in history is also, most commonly rated as the greatest band in history. I’m referring of course, to – yep, you guessed it – The Beatles. I’d be an idiot if I were writing this to convince an audience that The Beatles were not a staple of the ’60s or an influential band. They were. And they still are. A lot of my favorite modern artists cite The Beatles as a big influence on their music. But it still asks the unanswered question, “Is it deserved?” The Beatles cast a shadow on the 1960s that was so large and stretched so far that it blocked the spotlight from bands that are now too often overlooked and forgotten today.

Shaq. is. the. man. [by Chris Carlson]


Michael Jordan is the NBA’s greatest player. Bill Russell is the best big man. Wilt Chamberlain is the all-time top scorer where it counts (apologies to second-place Shawn Kemp).

But Shaquille O’Neal quickly rose to the top of the most important list in the league’s history. He is, by far, the coolest player ever.

O’Neal refers to himself as the sexiest 7-footer in history, and no one argues. He’s a real-life super hero, stopping crime in his spare time. He’s a rapper and an actor. When young, he tore down backboards, and this summer he asked Kobe Bryant “how’s my ass taste?”

UPDATE: JSutel turned Buntology on to Shaq’s twitter. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

The Wrestler review [by Matt Gosciminski]


After waiting what I would presume is somewhere around six months time and seeing trailers and reading reviews, I was finally able to see Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler” (after many hateful wishes towards those who are privileged to be wherever “limited release” happens to be.) I have to say that all the buzz and award nods for Mickey Rourke’s portrayal of washed up wrestler Randy “The Ram” Robinson are not unfounded.

Your new favorite drink [by Alicia]

The ever-generous Peels, serving me up a Coked-Up Caucasian.

OK, get out a pen, beverage connoisseurs, because Home Plate bartender “Peels” has your new favorite cocktail. It took a little cajoling and coaxing from me, but Peels finally gave up the recipe to this secret edition White Russian. I’m gonna call it … the Coked-Up Caucasian.

Everyone in the Eagle newsroom was buzzing about this drink last weekend, so I felt it was Buntology’s duty to test it out. I dragged some colleagues along to the Plate last night to fulfill that obligation.

Keep Cookin’ with Jackie Bunt

Recently Jackie has started her internship at Ludlow Community Television (LCTV). At her internship she records local events and edits videos. This may have absolutely nothing to do with her major but she has managed to plug Buntology by starting her own cooking show!

We will now be including a link to Jackie’s show, “Keep Cookin’ ” where anyone can view the episodes and get the recipes, and lets keep in mind she is still learning so it isn’t perfect … yet.

To watch the first episode CLICK HERE!