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Medically unstifled

My doctor and I got talking the other day about the changing role of media and the importance of the Internet. You know, Buntology and this and that. Dr. E has a site of his own, Cell 2 Soul, on which he examines “the many meanings of health and disease.” Check it out – humane health care is the focus, but readers submit everything from artwork to poetry. — Alicia

The technology has failed us!

UPDATE:  All better!

Through some sort of wild glitch, our fancy new logo that Travis “T-Pain” Pinsonnault designed for us has disappeared. Along with all our site art. So our logo has gone vintage until we figure this situation out.

In the meantime, check out the latest in Buntology fashion by the merchandise mistress herself, Miss Christina Razionale.

Buntology hat

good band, good bar, good times [by angela]

My friends and I celebrated our roommate’s birthday Saturday by hitting up Brew Too,a sweet little bar in Southwick,


Mass. We didn’t know what to expect, other than a cover band that played a lot of Grateful Dead and cheap beer. Although the beer wasn’t that cheap, the band was damn good. Whiskey Junction was their name, and not only did they put on an awesome show, but they were kind enough to wish our friend a happy birthday! Oh, and they plugged the hell out of Buntology.

Shows that still got it and shows that lost it (like Lost) [by will]


It’s just a fact that season by season the vast majority of shows go downhill. Sometimes TV shows age and improve like wine. The percentage of shows that actually do this, however, is probably comparable to the small minority of beverages among thousands that DO improve with age. I’m stuck at only wine… any help here? These shows are so rare that I can’t think of any right now.

So why is it that most shows start to suck after the first few seasons? Well, one of my theories is that starting a new show is like starting a new relationship. You’re in it for that initial chase, and it’s fun to learn about this person (or characters). Once they’ve been around for a while you can re-evaluate this person to see it’s working out or not. And if it’s not, well, that ends that.