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Happy New Year!

Buntology is taking a much-needed couple days off.
But this New Year’s gift should tide you over: A preview of “Rock the House 10: The Digital Edition.”
Rock the House is the annual Bunt holiday countdown sketch comedy documentary show.

Here’s an excerpt from Angela’s Anything Show, which has been “on-air” for more than 10 years (seriously), and according to Angela, “transcends all media.” This episode, Angela and Jackie share their favorite techniques and tricks for the perfect holiday Chex Mix.

Try not to be too repulsed by Ange’s coughing; she was pretty sick.


Also, click over to True Story. We met them at “The Nutcracker” ballet in New York City, then went for champagne and caviar. No, just kidding, we met them at a dive bar in Pittsfield. Maybe we can link to their sports commentary, because we so desperately need it … Anyway, check ’em out, they’re down-ass dudes.

One last thing: We are soliciting questions and suggestions for a new advice segment. If you need guidance on love, work, etiquette, food, phobias, fetishes, send ’em our way.

See you in ’09, and stay unstifled! approve me dammit! [by angela]

jezebel1, a blog geared towards feminism, empowerment, women keeping it real, and all that good stuff, has recently irked me.

The website, launched in May 2007 as a division of Gawker Media, is one of my favorites. I check it multiple times a day, everyday, and it’s even on my tool bar favorites list.

After reading this article (by my favorite Jezebel author, Tracie Egan) about The Duggar family *shudder* I was compelled to leave a comment. I said something to the effect of “Am I the only one who can’t stand the Duggar family? Having 18 children is basically a form of child abuse because you know some of those kids are neglected and doing heroin without their parents’ knowledge.” Or something like that. After making up a little profile for myself I posted the comment only to find out that “You need to audition to become a commenter. Your comments will be displayed once your account is approved.”

Mah Humbug posted [by Rochelle]


Well, I just paid the weekly bills and figured out what I have left over for gift buying… not pretty. I truly dread this time of year. When I say dread I mean hate. Before you start blaming it on my Jewish roots let me tell you nobody does Christmas up more than my mother and sister. They are maniacs. Despite what they say every year about “cutting back” and “money is tight” they still do it up big time and seem to enjoy every minute of it. They are 100% Jewish so please don’t go blaming my Scroogeness on my religion.