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McCain–You Hornball, You

By WILL C.      I’m not too political, but I understand John McCain. Let’s look at the facts: He’s an old guy at 72 years today (Happy Birthday, Grandpa!), but he’s got a young trophy wife (well… 54 years old, but in the right lighting she could pass for 24) so why not grab the young trophy VP candidate as well?! 

Oratory We Can Believe In

The last night of the Democratic National Convention was tonight, and it was amazing – but if I know my readers, you guys aren’t interested in Obama’s eloquent 40-minute acceptance speech. You’re interested in my thoughts and emotions ABOUT the speech. Right? Or you wouldn’t be at Buntology.

Deciphering the DNC

I know you guys generally prefer vids to articles, but for those of you who actually read this drivel, I’ve got a recap of Wednesday’s session of the Democratic National Convention. I watched most of it at my day job – and that’s a good 6 hours of politics, of Democratic hijincks.

Fun in the Sun (FITS pt. II)

On the third day we went into Provincetown to a bar called “The Old Colony Tap.” The bar was way too dark but it had strong drinks and a dreaded bartender who allegedly used to run drugs from Truro to North Adams. Small world. We all got Long Island Iced Teas and it took me the entire time we were at the bar to drink it. So about an hour and a half.

Wilco, in a Nutshell

The crowd at Wilco made me feel like I was on a mushroom trip.

That’s probably the most factual thing I can say about the afternoon Alicia and I had at Tanglewood in Lenox, Mass., where we went to see Wilco and Andrew Bird perform on Aug. 12.